• 2004

    Founded in 2004, provides Consulting Services to multinational companies and leading Chinese companies. The early clients included Carrier, Otis and DHL.

  • 2005

    Started the cooperation with Sony, Dell and Alstom, these cooperation existed for many years.

  • 2006

    Achieved the executive searching assignments from MNCs. CFO of Carrier China Manufacture, Supply Chain Director of Raffles Shipyard.

  • 2007

    Service extended to the leading Chinese company, Vanke and SNDA become the early local clients. These cooperation continued to date.

  • 2008

    Won high reputation in internet industry with the successful hiring of CTO of SNDA Network, CEO of SNDA Literature and Vice President of Qihu360.

  • 2009

    Expanded service in Finance, Healthcare and Automobile areas. Successful cases included VP of After Investment Management of CDH Investment, Compliance Director of MSD China, VP of GSK China, CS Director of Chrysler China.

  • 2011

    VP of Chery Motors, Presidents and VPs for second tiers Chinese local companies.

  • 2013

    Stood out from the major international and local searching service providers in binding of Chery Jaguar Land Rover executive recruiting. Hired the CFO, Strategy Director, PR Director, Logistics Director, Legal Director and other senior positions for Chery Jaguar Landrover successfully.

  • 2014

    With the strategic clients globalization, G&Es service expanded to overseas. Hired the Chief Risk Officer of Suning from Wall Street, Director of Vanke Overseas Division based in Hongkong.

  • 2015

    Consolidate the superiority in Internet and Finance industries

About Us

G&E Human Resources Consulting founded in 2004, which has grown into a recognized professional Executive Search and Talent Consulting Firm specializing in talent acquisition and consulting.
G&E Human Resources Consulting provides Consulting Services to multinational companies and leading Chinese companies, who are looking to recruit, grow and retain the very best leadership talent in their respective areas.
Most G&E consultants held either executive roles in leading companies or strong technical background prior to joining G&E Human Resources Consulting.

Win-Win-Win Philosophy

Many years ago, a term "win/win" became popular in business books, boardrooms and sales presentations. However, in today's rapidly changing business environment, "win/win" simply isn't enough.
Have the concept of "win/win/win." Triple Win addresses the key the two parties entering an agreement: G&E Human Resources Consulting and the client, but how about the candidate?
The Triple Win formula brings into the 3 parties involved together.
The employers recruit the best staff at the right time; The employees find valuable career advice, job opportunities; G&E Human Resources Consulting grows with its successful placement in terms of reputation recognition, financial benefit and business partnership development.
Implementing the "win/win/win" is one way to make a positive contribution to the cycle of business that we (and our Clients, candidates) exist in today.


Organization Diagnose, Competence Modeling, Talent Assessment and Offer Negotiation.

Our service processes include

Competency analysis Talent search Evaluation and selection Board service Emotion management



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